Patrick Donoahue

Concentrated one-on-one up-to-the-latest web design and positioning of one’s site.


Dimitri Levanoff is the finest photographic and digital printer I have ever worked with since switching to digital shooting. His exacting eye, pure color sense and professional way of dealing with clients gives me confidence in

All production work for Penumbra Editions is managed by imagefoundry – a Toronto-based printmaking boutique responsible for all aspects of art documentation, color editing and print production. I am proud to be part of the stable of artists whose Limited Editions are being produced by Penumbra.

Casa dei Mezzo Chamber Music Festival

This unique and only annual music festival in Crete offers an unforgettable opportunity to experience live performances by world-renowned artists in the beautiful and intimate setting of Villa Casa dei Mezzo, Makrigialos Crete.


Honours graduate of the Escuela Nacional de Espactaculos Musicales and Variedades and former instructor and performer at the Teatro America and Havana Night Dance Company, her inspiring dance company is now located in Toronto, Canada. Dailyn performs and instructs, bringing out each individual’s style.

Distillery District Magazine

Distillery District Magazine is an intuitively interactive digital magazine created to highlight art, design, culture, and technology.

Steps Dance Studio

With over 20 years of Salsa teaching experience, Jennifer Aucoin is the founder and director of this highly respected dance studio in Toronto. It offers patient, dedicated and passionate instructors, many of whom are award winning performers, who teach a comprehensive dance syllabus.

Cadence Dance Academy

Cadence Dance Academy, a Toronto based company, performs and competes around the world at many Salsa Congresses. Their founders and choreographers Jamaican-Canadian Clifton Stennett and Ghanaian-Canadian Patrick Danquah and their dancers bring sizzling excitement and perfect form to each performance.

Canada Salsa & Bachata Congress

Founded by Jennifer Aucoin in 2003, the Canada Salsa Congress is the largest dance festival staged in Canada. Over four days, it hosts some of the greatest, innovative and inspirational performers and instructors worldwide. Thanks to Jennifer’s generous invitation, I personally have dedicated years of capturing the pivotal moment in dance that these performances and rehearsals have given me.

The White Houses of Crete

Since 1998, I have been not only supplying Gunnar Strømsholm with publicity shots of and have had the great good fortune to stay in these perfectly appointed exquisite holiday houses and two apartments in Eastern Crete that are seated on the picturesque harbour.

White Lion, Quarto Publishing (formerly Frances Lincoln Limited Publishers)

A company founded by Frances Lincoln in 1977.  They have been creating illustrated books of the highest quality ever since, with special emphasis on gardening, walking and the outdoors, art, architecture, design and landscape.